About Norman Miller

Norman MillerMy name is Norman Miller. I started my construction career in late 1972. I am the great-grandson of a Canadian General contractor and the great, great-grandson of a Canadian carpenter. Therefore genetics, perhaps, explains my affinity and passion for construction.

The purpose of the BuilderSavvy blog is to pass along insight, knowledge, experience, and expertise accumulated during the forty-five-year construction career of Norm Miller. The blog aims to help those less or differently experienced than myself. My hope is that the material contained herein will help others avoid mistakes, solve problems, and provide clear paths through various difficult parts of the construction experience.

Every construction career is unique. Construction types, company structure, positions held, jobs assigned, problems encountered, and solutions found all shape one’s construction acumen.

I have filled the roles of laborer, carpenter’s helper, carpenter, carpentry foreman, estimator, superintendent, project manager, in addition to construction manager. I worked for wages or salary in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

As a subcontractor, my companies installed framing, siding, decks, cabinetry, and, interior trim, and stairways. I have set thousands of doors myself. Work was performed on both large scale multi family production jobs and in fine custom homes.

I have done construction in South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wyoming, and Colorado. I built the majority of my projects in North Carolina. Specific details about codes, stormwater management, and safety regulations, will refer primarily to North Carolina rules and regulations.

I do not offer my advice as the only way to do anything. Yet based on past results I will say my methods are productive, effective, and well-considered. I encourage input on how construction is done differently by others, elsewhere. Therefore I invite readers’ comments.

I author this blog and may have guest bloggers from time to time. In addition, I serve as the President of Savvy Builders, Inc., a licensed, North Carolina General Contractor. The company also does “cost plus” contracting, construction management and consultation, QA/QC inspections, and problem resolution.