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How to calculate anything.

Construction estimating, material take-off, and general planning require research and often, calculation. Over the years, as I have needed to calculate or research one thing or another, I have saved the referenced website in my favorites. It is evident that these websites know the need and importance of calculators and they have provided the heavy lifting. The formulas are ready for your numbers to be plugged in. Press calculate and you have your answer. I have been doing this long enough that I once had a notebook of math, geometry, material conversion and, other formulas that I did by hand and later by handheld calculator. Thank you to those that have developed these easy to use tools.

Metric Conversions. Provides formulas to convert temperature, weight, length, area, volume, and more.

These calculators are all about time. Has clock, calendar, time zones, timers, countdowns, stopwatch, alarm, and more.

Common and uncommon conversion calculators.

Site material calculators for tons per cubic yards, wheelbarrows per cubic yards, truck loads per cubic yard, etc.

Cool concrete calculator for slab construction. This calculator has an easy slide feature to compare slab costs by size, material, labor, site conditions, and zip code.

Cool calculators for everything residential everywhere. Sliding calculators cover most home construction, remodel, and repair costs.

Really yummy mix of calculators. Vast list of calculators. In addition to construction calculators, it has math and financial calculators. This site also has an alphabetical calculator index (at the bottom of the "other" column).

Map radius tool is great for mapping service areas and the like.

Calculators galore. Everyday, practical to eclectic calculators. The most calculators I have found at one site.