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Please feel free to ask questions about any of the content of these Posts. It would be interesting to know how things are done differently in other parts of the country or other parts of the world. Please share. Sharing new and different points of view is encouraged and such opinions may become subjects of other Posts. If any of my readers are Bloggers themselves and our subject matter coalesces, reciprocal guest blogging is a possibility.

We will clarify any points made in the Blog posts so let us know if further explanation is needed. Is a construction problem aggravating you? Shoot us an email. We are interested in our readers’ projects, problems, and solutions. We will share with the readers an interesting or difficult project that might inspire and help other.

If you disagree with me or points made in my Posts it is fine with me. Therefore, share your alternative point or points of view because a discourse can be had without name calling or profanity.

If you are a hater, please keep your hate to yourself. Trolls may certainly submit their comments but their abuse and tomfoolery will not make it past Norm’s Contact review. Forum trolls irritate me and I will not subject my readers to unsolicited promotion or any other nonsense. Consequently, email from trolls or haters will simply be deleted.

Education, overall construction enlightenment, and problem solution are the goals of this Blog. Sometimes it is necessary to see a problem to solve it or a visit is necessary to enlighten or educate.

I can sometimes be coaxed out of my office for reasonable consultation fees and covered expenses. Since fresh eyes focused on a project can often, quickly, expose a problem and see its solution it is sometimes prudent to do so.